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What are Marketing Materials?

Updated: Mar 16, 2023

Marketing materials are any products or content designed to market your business or its products and services to potential customers. Marketing materials can range from samples you give, permanent installations in high-visibility areas or digital files that customers can access. Modern marketing often benefits from the diversification of marketing materials to meet the diverse needs of a potential customer base.

Here's some examples of marketing materials:

  1. Business cards and postcards

  2. Billboards, banners and signs

  3. Tri-fold brochures

  4. 1-sided, 2-sided and 4-sided flyers

  5. Social media and email marketing (ecards)

  6. Magazine and website advesrtisements

  7. Promotional items

  8. Video productions

  9. Websites

  10. Window displays

  11. Monthly newsletters (online and in-print)

If you're just starting out as a business, first and foremost you need business cards. A new trend is simply having your name or logo on one side, and your QR code on the other side. another trend is printing it squared and not rectangular. Clear business cards are a growing trend as well.

Signs/banners are a great massive way to promote your business. You can use them for events and locations, you'll definitely get your money's worth with a sign. Tri-fold brochures are also a great way to promote your business. You have 6 panels to design so you can fit a large amount of services and information that your potential client can pick up and go.

Flyers and postcards are our clients ALL TIME FAVORITE way to market themselves. Flyers are ideal for door knocking and displaying at events and postcards are a non-confrontational and affordable way to market through mailing.

Social media marketing is also a very popular form of marketing these days. TIP: Try to keep your message simple and always add an eye catching image to pair with the message. Also PLEASE have a website for your business. Our #1 frustration with ANY company is a company without a website. We personally don't design websites but you can find a qualified web designer on yelp in your area.

Another ALL TIME FAVORITE are newsletters! Newsletters are great because they're versatile, they fit every budget. You can do a email version, or a 2-sided print version, go fancy with a 4-sided print version, the options are endless. This is the easiest way to be consistent with your marketing. You can also choose to market monthly or quarterly, whichever fits your budget the best.

Questions about where to start with your marketing? Email We're here to help! Make 2023 a great year

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